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The Meaning of the Lord’s Names: A Translation of a Passage from the Nama Ghosa

The Meaning of the Lord’s Names (namanvaya)

Such a sound as ‘
kṛṣ–;’ it is expressive of matter.
The unit ‘
a’ stands for pure joy.
When these two are combined into one, the name ‘
signifies only the supreme spiritual personality of joy. 140

On doing pure devotion at the feet of the supreme personality of joy,
all ‘material-ness’ (
kṛśatā) of the embodied spiritual personality (jiva) is removed.
For this reason only, know, the Lord is called ‘Krsna.’
Such is this famous and most beautiful interpretation. 141

At all times, He is the embodiment of happiness born of His own blissful nature—
always the personality of impartite, uneclipsable pure joy.
On account of this only, by the names ‘Sadananda’ (Ever-Joyous) and ‘Nityananda’ (Eternally Joyous),
is the Lord referred to for sure. 142

By the tokens ‘k–,’ a,’ and ‘īśa’ are understood,
the cosmic mind (Brahma), the Cosmic Soul (Visnu) and cosmic time (Mahesvara) respectively.
By the ‘va’ unit, the Shelter of All Beings is stringing all three entities together.
For this reason, He is referred to as ‘Kesava.’ 143

Doing pure devotional service at Lord Krsna’s feet, the fallen state (cyuti) of the jiva—
his cycle of material existence—goes away most miraculously.
It is for this reason only, know, that all the great exemplar-devotees
call the Lord ‘Acyuta’ (The Unfalling One). 144

Doing pure devotion at Lord Krsna’s feet, even the most inferior ones
transform into the most excellent.
For this reason only, the ‘Narottama’ (Best of Men) name of God
has become famous throughout the world. 145

Knowing the Lord and doing pure devotion to Him, man secures release from matter
and roams fearlessly in the world like a lion.
Only for this reason has the Lord’s name become ‘Narasimha’ (The Man-Lion);
so say the great exemplar-devotees. 146

Doing pure devotion to the Lord’s lotus-like feet, purifying their consciousness,
even the most inferior ones forsake all intellect-dwarfing false doctrines.
For this reason only, always the great devotees;
they call the Lord ‘Vamana’ (The Dwarf). 147

Beginning with salvation, all the forms of happiness, do not measure up to even an atom
of the pleasure derived from the Lord’s spiritual service.
It is for this reason that the Lord is holding the name ‘Paramananda’ (The Supreme Joy),
in the midst of the company of pure devotees. 148

As only Krsna is the supreme soul, on account of this only,
the multitude of jivas is obtaining all sorts of joys and pleasures.
For this reason, the Lord holds the name of ‘Sarvananda’ (All Joy).
Know this for certain, O all saintly devotees. 149

Because the Shelter of All Beings appears wearing the garland
of five colors representing the five great elements,
please know that it is for this reason that the possessor of all opulences
is holding the name of ‘Vanamali’ (The Wearer of the Garland of Forest-Flowers). 150

Obtaining the happiness arising from the Lord’s pure devotional service, the jiva turns down
the happiness born of contact with objects of the senses.
Because of this reason only, know all of you that He Who Has a Rope Round His Waist
is holding the name of ‘Adhoksaja’ (Supreme Lord of the Senses). 151

Apart from conscious personality, all those material entities having their birth in primal matter;
all of these are sported with by the Lord.
For this reason only, know that the supreme master, the Lord,
is holding the name of ‘Parasurama.’ 152

By the power of His supreme consciousness, the living beings of this unconscious creation,
He actuates, based on their desire-filled actions.
The Lord is having the supremely famous name of ‘Rama’
for only this reason; know this real interpretation. 153

In Him, the illimitable, supremely conscious spiritual personality who is ever joyous,
the followers of meditative communion always roam.
For this reason, by the epithet ‘Rama’ is meant only His supremely spiritual nature;
such is the interpretation of the Lord’s ‘Rama’ name. 154

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