Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anudhitā: A Translation of a Passage from the Nama Ghosa

harira ghara dbāre, betrara prahāra yogya
brahmā indra ādi dewajāka
a dbārata betra-, prahāra pāibāra yogya
haño āmi kamana barāka . 104

At the door of the temple of Hari, fit for the blow of the cane;
Brahma, Indra and all the other controlling entities;
at the threshold of such a door, deserving to obtain the blow of cane;
in what way can we insignificant ones be? 104

[i] The meaning of this title is unclear at the present time. Therefore, I have chosen to leave it untranslated for the time being. It could mean ‘unquoted’ or ‘not cited.’

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