Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Determination of Essence (sāranirṇaẏa): A Translation of a Passage from the Nama Ghosa

The Determination of Essence (ranirṇaẏa)

The man who shows readiness to listen to the qualities and attributes
of the Supreme Lord of All Opulence;
from that point onwards, know with absolute certainty,
that one has become extremely pure and free from envy and malice. 113
“Only Lord Krsna, certainly, is the supreme controlling entity, the only object of worship;
my own deliverance lies in His name”—
such resolution (
niscaya), the one who has done staunchly,
he and only he is of supremely good conduct. 114
The outcaste (candala) that takes, even in ignorance,
the name of Krsna, the chief controlling entity of the entire creation;
so pure does that one become, he becomes eligible to be called to the site of the sacrifice,
and to be appointed as its officiating person. 115
The words ‘Rama,’ ’Rama,’ ‘Rama,’ of the form of supreme welfare,
in whose mouth these are manifested;
even the one that has become pure, doing great pilgrimage forever,
cannot equal, ever, such a person. 116
Residence of the entire creation is Krsna; His indestructible place—
if you have wish for it in mind,
take then, for all time, sole-refuge,
in the lotus-feet of the Lord of All Opulence. 117
In the supremely pure religion (dharma)—the singing of the names of Hari—
all creatures have the right.
For this reason only, Hari’s name is the king of all religions—
this only is the essential verdict of the scriptures. 118
In the case of all dharmas based on caste (varna) and stage of life (asrama), who is having what injunctions (vidhi),
only that one is having exclusive right.
In the singing of Hari’s names, there is no rule (
niyama) whatsoever.
Therefore it is the best among all religions. 119

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