Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Taking of Name (nāma): A Translation of a Passage from the Nama Ghosa

The Taking of Name (ma)

‘The Remover of the Jiva’s Fallen State’ (Acyuta), ‘The Stringer of the Trinity’ (Kesava), ‘The Cosmic Soul’ (Visnu), ‘The Remover of All Miseries’ (Hari), ‘The Supremely Conscious Personality’ (Satya), ‘The Oppressor of Nescience’ (Janardana),
‘The Swan’ (Hamsa), ‘The Shelter of All Beings’ (Narayana)—these names eight;
of the form of supreme auspiciousness; the one who  takes these day and night—
all the desires of his mind are fulfilled. 105

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