Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Essence of Supreme Knowledge (paramārtha sāra): A Translation of a Passage from the Nama Ghosa

The Essence of Supreme Knowledge (paramārtha sāra)

They recollect the name ‘Madhava,’ ‘Madhava,’ in speech;
they recollect ‘Madhava,’ ‘Madhava’ in heart;
without interval, all the saintly ones, the name ‘Madhava,’ ‘Madhava;’
they utter in all the works. 106

Of the form of supreme auspiciousness, the name ‘Madhava,’ ‘Madhava;’
the great one who utters;
his fear of samsara—of the form of inauspiciousness—is removed;
He reaches close to Madhava. 107

Destroyer of nightmares is this ‘Madhava,’ ‘Madhava’ name;
the annihilator of the fear of evil planets .
Of the form of supreme wealth is Madhava’s name;
knowing, please do its uttering at all times. 108

Only Madhava is our own beloved self; Madhava only is our friend, our preceptor;
only Madhava is the supreme controlling entity.
He only is our master, the Supreme Lord—knowing, do pure devotion to Madhava.
This only is man’s own duty. 109

He only is supremely clever; only he, of extremely skilful intellect;
the one that sings Madhava’s qualities.
Trading the false human body for liberation,
he obtains Madhava, crossing the ocean of material existence. 110

The man who, doing exclusive adoration to Madhava regularly,
roams, singing the qualities of Madhava;
like the one drinking the rare nectar,
that one also has no other sweet drink to drink. 111

Worship, mate, Madhava; recollect, mate, Madhava;
sing, mate, Madhava’s qualities.
Do not think your own ruination; happily save yourself.
Become, mate, supremely skilful and clever. 112

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