Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Offering of Respect: A Translation of a Passage from the Nama Ghosa

The Offering of Respect (namaskara)

I salute you, Krsna, my Lord; since I am a sinner, nobody
says ‘you are mine’ to me.
Knowing that you are the purifier of the fallen, in you
I have become sold, on my own account. 191
Salutations  to that Great Remover of All Sin whose two lotus-like feet
are the dirtless ocean of pure happiness;
who is the origin-less supreme personality, ever-present across all time and space, who is the supreme truth and always beneficient and kind,
who is the possessor of all opulences and who removes the cycle of existence. 192
Delusion, nescience, passion; arrogance, dirt and lust;
hypocrisy, hatred and other such feelings; that venerable preceptor in whom all these are not present,
I bow down and salute his feet. 193
Victory to you, O Lord of the Yadus, the preserver of the organs of knowledge, the Chief of the Cows,
Yadu’s descendant, Lord of Primal Matter, the actuator of the material entities;
O pure devotees' treasure, the life of the embodied lives,
I bow down and do obeisance at your feet. 194
Salutations to you, O the one forever joyous, the supreme cause of the creation,
the immanent residence of the world, possessor of all opulences;
salutations to you who are ever-existent, pure, enlightened; who are the fulfiller of desire, the unobstructed one,
the supreme pure personality, the master, the one ever-present in time and space. 195
O Rama, the unstained one, the destroyer of the demons,
the delighter of the devotees, supreme deity!
Only you are the supreme preceptor, O the shelter of all embodied personalities!
At your feet I do service. 196

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