Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Translation (with Creative Interpretation) of the Third Verse of the Nama Ghosa

matsya kurmma narasimha          bamana parasurama
halirama baraha srirama
buddha kalki name dasa    akrti dharica krsna
tayu pave karoho pranama           

The ‘fish’, the ‘tortoise’, the ‘man-lion’, the ‘dwarf’, the ‘axe-wielding Rama’,
‘Rama-with-plough’, the ‘boar’, ‘the all-opulent Rama’,
‘the intellectual one (Buddha)’ and ‘the destroyer of heretics (Kalki)’—by these names, in ten forms (akrti) you appear, Krsna;
at your feet I pay obeisance. 3

My Lord, you are showing favour even to the material units! It is you, O supremely compassionate immanent pure person, who are responsible for the creation and development of this material universal body. It is through your personal intervention that the transcendental personality known in material terms as the jiva, gets its body.
Becoming immanent into this microcosm also, you protect the senses; you manifest the structures necessary for the development of this little-universe. My lord, the material entities of the microcosm like the mind, intellect, organs of sense and action and the internal parts, the vital airs, the basic substances—all derive their strength from you. Appearing to them as one of them—in the manner of a very powerful material unit (deva)—you become their only refuge and object of salutation. You are presiding over their internal disputes and their internecine wars. My lord, you even take sides! In this way, O Krsna, implementing by yourself your own general policy of preservation, you protect the jiva, in the initial stages of development of its body, from various evil effects, and thus you make its life possible. O supreme personality of grace! Surely, surely it is solely for the jiva that you are performing all these innumerable and diverse acts of redemption! When you are showering your kindness on even material units—the parts of material nature (prakrti)—how much more you must love the jiva—your very own part (amsa)—O my own father!
O supremely beneficial Paramatma, lord of the microcosm! O non-dual (advaita), transcendental pure person, supreme creator who is distinct from His creation and yet, immanent in it! O compassionate Krsna, abode of grace, preserver of the obeisant ones, I pay obeisance at your supreme transcendental feet.

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