Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Blog on the Sankaradeva Movement

Sankaradeva was an erudite scholar, a prolific writer, a versatile saint-poet of unlimited merit, a lyricist of universal acceptance, a musician of high calibre, a pioneer in the field of Assamese prose, drama and dramatic performances, a painter and above all the greatest religious teacher-preacher-leader of the medieval Vaisnava movement in Assam which is rightly known as the Sankaradeva Movement.
A new blog aiming to focus exclusively on the history of the Sankaradeva Movement was started recently by the writer of this blog. The link to that site is:

This would be:
An Attempt at Reconstructing the History of the Eka-Sarana Faith of Assam, especially the Early Years (15th-16th centuries CE), based on a Study of Primary Sources-the Caritas (biographies)-of the Leading Exponents of the School

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